GastonGas Station Podcast is a project started by Gaston Perez and Frank Fields.

Gaston Perez is a content producer for film, theater and e-Sports specializing in creative development. Coming from filmmaking, Gaston approaches e-Sports through the narratives of the players involved. Recently, Gaston sold his upcoming film Kill the Fat Man to be produced by Landwirth Legacy Productions, worked alongside PTL producers at Riot Games, and joined forces with Frank Fields to level up the e-Sports community.

Frank Reign Uniform_Cropped Frank Fields is an esports industry veteran who has worked as a player, manager, team owner, content creator and editor, and tournament administrator for a multitude of titles including WarCraft III, DOTA 1 & 2, StarCraft II, and League of Legends among other titles. His focus now is on improving competitive communities and building more interest in esports from the ground up.

Shotcallers seeks to examine all the influences of League of Legends esports to understand their impact on the competitive scene. In doing so, we aim to provide a fuller narrative of current events and thus improve the League of Legends community.

On The Bubble believes the Magic: the Gathering community and lifestyle retain players at a competitive level more than gameplay alone. We seek to examine the issues and events that impact the competitive scene to inspire players and thus improve the community.